Livio Bisterzo’s Latest Endeavor Is Drawing In High-Profile Support

Green Park Holdings was founded in 2015 with the mission to create products that were better than the average food and snack offerings already available. Their first brand, HIPPEAS, arrived in April of 2016 with a range of chickpea puffs, made entirely from organic ingredients, is gluten-free, vegan and kosher. The company uses only non-GMO ingredients. The brand has garnered additional interest with the announcement of an equity investment in the company by actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

DiCaprio is as well-known for his activism as he is for his acting roles. He has consistently spoken out on matters regarding environmental protection and climate change and invested in other companies offering sustainable products. He was reportedly drawn to Green Park Holdings due to their shared beliefs of a healthier, more conscientious food supply.

The company was the brainchild of Italian entrepreneur Livio Bisterzio. A graduate of the University of the Arts in London where he received a degree in Business and Management in Fashion, Bisterzio began his entrepreneurial career with an events business he founded shortly after graduation. He remained in London for several years and followed his successful start with other successes. He took part in private endeavors with his own development of personal care and hospitality products and worked with another corporation to develop high-end skin care products for men.

Livio Bizterzo was nominated by the Evening Standard as one of the 1000 most influential people in London and his businesses have also received numerous accolades from others in the business industry. Bizterzo is currently married and has three children. The family lives in Los Angeles, where he developed Green Park Holdings and currently works as the CEO. His HIPPEAS brand is not only healthy but socially conscious as well. The company is currently donating a portion of all their sales to an organization known as Farm Africa that provides support to farmers in eastern Africa.

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Kabbalah Centre Appeals to Numerous Famous Faces

Ever since Madonna stepped out with the signature red string tied around her wrist, Hollywood has had an obsession with Kabbalah. From the late, great Sammy Davis to socialite Paris Hilton, numerous well-known figures have practiced the ancient tradition.

An aspect of Jewish mysticism, the practice of Kabbalah is considered an offshoot of Judaism. It consists of magical, devotional and meditative practices. So with its relation to Judaism, why are so many non-Jewish celebrities practicing Kabbalah? The late Elizabeth Taylor was so passionate in her practice of Kabbalah that she actually converted to Judaism. What is it about Kabbalah that appeals so strongly to these famous figures? The answer may lie in the meditative aspects of the practice. It provides a calm balance to the chaos that often comes with being in the public eye. Actress Sandra Bernhard claims that Kabbalah has helped eliminate most of the stress from her life. Kabbalah gives its followers wisdom on how to create lasting fulfillment and joy in their lives and learn more about Kabbalah.

Many of these familiar faces got started with Kabbalah at The Kabbalah Centre International in Los Angeles. The Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit organization that provides courses on Kabbalistic teachings. A seemingly endless list of celebrities have visited the centre to learn more about Kabbalah. The long list of names includes Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Mick Jagger, Roseanne Barr and Alex Rodriguez among many others.

The Kabbalah Centre was originally established by Rav Philip Berg and Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein in Israel in 1922. After Brandwein passed away, Berg and his wife decided to bring the Kabbalh Centre to the United States. They opened the first centre in New York City in 1965. By 1984 they had opened The Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles that has become a familiar ground for so many popular figures. Aside from presenting students with the teachings of Kabbalah, the centre is known for engaging in volunteer work and donating to other non-profit organizations and more information click here.

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Doe Deere: An Inspiration To Entrepreneurs All Over The World

Starting out your own business is no easy task, and finding your market can be a lot tougher than you would expect. With numerous brands out there already, finding your sector that works right for the products that your brand puts out is the only way to attract a large customer base. There are numerous aspects of a business that one should take into consideration before starting up one of their own, and looking at what other successful people have done is a great way to get set on the right track. Successful business owners are always one of the best things to turn to when figuring out where exactly your business fits, and what needs to be done to be successful in the field that you are entering.Learn more:


Doe Deere is a highly successful businesswoman who has shown the world that true passion is one of the most important aspects of making your business success. She took her love and passion for eccentric makeup and turned it into a brand with millions of customers all over the world. She is the founder of the alternative makeup brand, Lime Crime. The brand is one of the few makeup brands that break the norms of conventional makeup while being completely vegan and cruelty-free. Lime Crime is known for putting out makeup products like no other. From lipsticks and liners, from mascaras to hair colors, the makeup brand has it all. Her story of making it to the top of the makeup industry is just one of the few reasons in which Doe Deere has inspired people to pursue their passions. She started out making her makeup as a hobby, and because she could not find the colors, she was looking for. People soon started noticing her makeup, and asking her to make it for them, which is when she realized that she could make this into a business. Learn more:


One of the reasons why Doe Deere is such a huge inspiration to people all over the world is because she took her passion and turned it into her business. Doe Deere is one of the biggest Instagram celebrities in the world right now and wears her makeup as her look every single day. She is the very definition of what Lime Crime stands for and has tons of people all over the world wanting to be her. She has always been a creative person who loved experimenting with her looks and took that and turned it into a company that has one of the largest fan followings. Even so, Doe Deere has always held that her business was only as successful as it is because she had a strong business plan in place. The company has been able to reach where it is because of the careful strategy that decided to implement, which worked out extremely well for Lime Crime. Learn more:

Jeremy Goldstein helping New Yorkers with legal battles

The New York State Bar Association’s trusted Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) has launched a new service making it easier for those in New York to find the proper legal support they need for any legal issue they may face including: criminal, divorce, personal, land-lord tenant disputes and any other they may face. Business and consumers in New York now have a simple and quick way of finding the right lawyer and one that has the experience to handle their matter.


The New York State Bar Association’s trusted Lawyer Referral and Information Service launched this service online and works to connect users with lawyers who live in their community or are nearby. The New York State Bar Association’s trusted Lawyer Referral and Information Service has made this service available 24 hours a day and offers it completely confidential. New Yorkers can still use the LRIS telephone service, if they choose to do so.


The lawyers offered through this service are completely vetted by The New York State Bar Association and have been approved to work with those who need service. The New York State Bar Association launched this service with the assistance of, which is a national provider of management technology for those in the legal industry.


The new system allows lawyers to offer their services to more people as well as reducing its costs, which makes it the go-to online destination for those in need of legal support in New York. One lawyer that stands above the rest in this new system is Jeremy Goldstein.


Jeremy Goldstein is an active partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates. He was previously a partner at the firm of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz. Goldstein. He has overseen many of the nation’s top corporate transactions of the last decade.


Jeremy Goldstein is currently one of the top experts on corporate governance and executive compensation matters. He routinely speaks on these subjects across the country.


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David McDonald Talks About Growth with OSI Group

As a global company, OSI Group knows that they have many different markets that they need to do well in. All of these markets are different and all of them have different regulations that the company must follow if they want to be able to be successful in the different opportunities. Because David McDonald knows a lot about the company and is the current president of the company, he is confident that he will be able to let everyone who is connected to the company know about the options that they have for buying food from him. Now that OSI Group is in Europe, Asia and North America, they are going to secure many of the food markets so that they will be able to show people what they can get out of the food services that they provide to all of their clients. This is a global strategy that makes sense for OSI GRoup and something that David McDonald has seen coming for a long time and learn more about David.

The company is most well-known for the beef, meat and prepared food that they offer to major companies like McDonald’s. In fact, the fast food conglomerate is one of their biggest customers and it is something that is not unusual. OSI Group and David McDonald also have accounts with Starbucks and are always working to provide them with the products that they need to make their own business better. David McDonald talks about the different things that he provides to different companies and how they are all unique to the area that the company is in and David’s Youtube.

While running OSI Group, David McDonald has many different goals that he tries to accomplish. Among these are the ability to be sustainable and to offer products that are good for the agriculture industry. He knows that the food industry is wasteful and he wants to do things that will help change it. By fixing things on the distribution end of changes, David McDonald knows that he will be able to make a change in the business so that people can try new things with their own restaurants and more information click here.

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Futurist Jason Hope sees the Internet of Things affecting all of us

Entrepreneur, writer and commentator Jason Hope is often seen in the news media as someone who predicts the future. Otherwise known as a ‘futurist’, Jason Hope looks at what is happening in the tech industry today, and predicts what may happen tomorrow because of it.

One of the things Jason Hope has been interested in over the last few years is something called the Internet of Things. The belief that devices that are inter-connected are going to become such an important thing over the next few decades, every home will eventually be run off devices on the same network.

Hope believes devices such as mobile phones and computers will soon be running everything in our home. From turning on our kitchen appliances to running alarm systems, turning on garden sprinkler systems, heating systems and lights and even starting up our cars on cold winter mornings before we leave the house and more information click here.

All of this will be done at the touch of a button due to each device in our homes being connected to every other.

Hope also believes, not only will homes benefit but business too as major corporations start to invest in this type of technology. He foresees businesses becoming so invested in it that it will eventually change how they do business completely and learn more about Jason.

Jason Hope is not just a futurist, however, as he also looks at the Internet of Things and how it can benefit people as a whole. He points to the current inter-connectedness we have of devices and public transportation, and how that has been used to move buses to safer routes when the weather is bad or to change planned routes when traffic is bad and Jason’s lacrosse camp.

Hope became interested in technology and its impact on the future after graduating with a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Arizona State University.

Since then, among other things, he has founded his own successful text messaging company, and donated millions of dollars to fund research into futuristic projects such as ways to stop aging through the SENS Research Foundation.

Jason Hope also writes for online tech magazines like, where he concentrates on informing the readership about the Internet of Things, tech industry trends and what he thinks are the trends we should all be taking seriously and his Website.

End Citizens United Takes The Fight Against Big Money To Washington

In the fight against big money in politics, big money just might be the only way to accomplish the end of the Citizens United ruling.


The trailblazing grassroots movement End Citizens United has become a PAC of its own in its efforts to overturn the Supreme Court ruling permitting unlimited monetary contributions to political campaigns. In their first three months of operation, they have raised over $4 million dollars in funds and are projected to raise $35 million before the 2018 midterm elections. This would outstrip the $25 million dollar war chest they were able to raise for the 2016 elections.


According to statistics provided by the PAC, they have amassed a group of 100,000 donors, over 40,000 of which donated to the cause for the first time this quarter. The purpose of the PAC is the fund the reelection efforts of candidates who are champions of campaign finance reform. The mission of End Citizens United is to level the playing field by funding candidates who may be put at a disadvantage by big-money donors such as corporations who flood the coffers of candidates with policies friendly to the wealthiest 1% of Americans.


Although End Citizens United operates under the rules of a traditional PAC – and thus cannot accept donations in excess of $5000 from any one donor – their fundraising in 2016 ranked among the top Democratic PACs in terms of spending.


Recently, End Citizens United has fought the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice candidate Neil Gorsuch and Education Secretary Candidate Betsy DeVos, both of whom seek to defund or privatize essential state and federal institutions. They also supported neophyte Democrat Jon Ossoff in his unsuccessful bid in the special election to fill Georgia Republican Tom Price’s vacant seat in the House of Representatives.


Their latest move is endorsing U.S. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse for his 2018 re-election campaign, calling him a “champion of campaign finance reform.” In his 2017 book “Captured: The Corporate Infiltration of American Democracy,” Whitehouse opposed the Citizens United Supreme Court decision in no uncertain terms. He has been an advocate for greater transparency in campaign spending, especially in regards to money coming from foreign sources or corporations with foreign interests.


Big money has always been a corrosive influence on government, and with these latest actions End Citizens United has taken the fight against the unlimited influence of the wealthy to the halls of power in Washington.

Nathaniel Ru And His Leadership At Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen is the brainchild of Nathaniel Ru, and he has created a better model for fast food. There are many different people who are enjoying this new brand, and this article explains how the company is serving others. Someone who has questions about the new food may go to the company’s website, and they will learn quite a lot about the company. This firm is becoming a brand new way for people to eat fast food in America. Learn more:


#1: Why Natural And Fresh Food?


Natural fresh food is important for all people who wish to eat fast, and it will help these people stay on their diet or eat better in general. It is easy for people who wish to eat better to buy food from Sweetgreen, and Nathaniel’s plan is to be as fresh as possible. There are quite a few people who will benefit from this brand, and there are many more who will use this brand because it has moved to their area.


#2: What Is The Purpose Of The Brand?


The brand is built to ensure that anyone who wishes to eat well may buy anything they like. They have a number options that are far beyond the traditional fast food, and they have more than just salads. This company has built a proper menu that helps people eat well, and they are very open about their nutritional information. Someone who has questions about the food may check the site, and they may balance their food by using nutritional facts that are published by the company. Learn more:


#3: The Design Of The Stores


Sweetgreen has been designed by Nathaniel Ru to ensure that it would look the best. The people who want to have a nice time in the store will look around at the design, and they will be in awe of the way it looks. There are many people who wish to come to Sweetgreen for a calming experience, and someone who wishes to eat better will feel better sitting in the restaurant. Learn more:


There are many people who will benefit from the fine food at Sweetgreen, and they will enjoy a better eating experience every time they come in. They will notice that the food is better for their diets, and they will feel as though they have been taking to a modern establishment that is perfect for the person who loves their food and their atmosphere. Learn more:


Sheldon Lavin, Group CEO Of OSI And His Remarkable Achievements

Sheldon Lavin, a doyen of the meat industry, began his career in the field as an outsider 43 years ago. Before that, he had done exceedingly well in the banking industry.

Ever since he took over as the CEO of OSI Group, he took charge and converted it from a McDonald centric burger supplier to a global player that supplies a range of food products to some foodservice and retail brands.

Today the OSI Group counts 20,000 people as its employees all bound together by a common corporate culture-something that Lavin is particularly proud of. Sheldon Lavin’s sterling contribution to the industry that he has served so well has been well recognized the world over. In 2015 he was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by RSM US LLP for his outstanding professional achievements as well as his service to the Chicago business community.

Similarly, the Vision World Academy of India honored him with the Global Visionary Award in 2016 for having put OSI Group on the world map. If today the once small OSI Group has a presence in 17 countries through its 80 facilities, it is certainly something that Lavin can be justifiably proud of. Besides, Lavin has also ensured that the OSI group has given back to society by participating in charity.

With revenues of $6.1 billion, the OSI Group has become as big as any corporation can get. What is remarkable is that Lavin joined this industry so late in career and still rose to the very top of it. That tells one what he is made of. How many executives in the world are still active and gung-ho about the prospects of their business even in their early eighties.

In today’s digital age when people are being advised to learn new skills and reinvent themselves, so as to remain relevant in the present times, Sheldon Lavin is somebody who has been there and done that. Moving from financial services to the meat industry is no mean feat by any stretch of the imaginations. That Lavin has done it and done it so well is entirely on account of the kind of person he is.

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Brad Reifler of Forefront Capital Offers Valid Financial Advice for Successful Features

With over five years experience in entrepreneurship and investment, Brad Reifler has managed to build a success story in the industry of finance and capital management. The American entrepreneur is fondly known as the proprietor of Forefront Capital LLC.


Brad’s career dates back to the early 1980s. That was when he established Reifler Trading Company. The company managed over hundreds of millions in private equity accounts. A few years into operation, the company evolved into a research institution based service provider for disseminating helpful financial information to clients.

Reifler Trading Company was known as one of the best and largest asset advisors in 2000. Brad Reifler sold the company to Refco Inc after that. Before he sold Reifler Trading Company, he invested in advancing his career in offering financial services.

That is why in 1995, Brad Reifler established Pali Capital. Pali Capital focused on equity markets. Brad Reifler concentrated on the expansion of hedge funds through generating diversified portfolios. Learn more about Brad Reifler:


Unlike most financial advisors who insist on offering advice regarding the docket to invest in, Brad allowed his clients to invest in well-researched ideas after amassing sufficient information on the future of the investment plans. Through careful analysis of the investment developments, he gave sound advice that contributed to the successful features of clients. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

He taught traders how to penetrate the crowded market shares by executing successful strategies. In his era as the chief executive officer of Pali Capital, he drove the company profits to more than $ 1 billion. He also offered employment to more than 300 people across office branches in four continents.

Forefront Capital

Currently, Brad’s primary focus is Forefront Capital LLC. The company has many affiliates including Forefront Partners and Forefront LLC. Brad Reifler manages the companies by controlling all decisions made at any level.

Since the establishment of the companies in 2009, Brad has invested in creating a high ranking product to aid in offering financial advice. With his guidance, Forefront Capital LLC and its subsidiaries have attracted enormous investors and registered advisers. The community of Forefront Capital is a vital component of the rating of the company.