Spotlight On Betsy DeVos’ Personal Background and Philanthropy Work

When President Trump appointed Betsy DeVos as her government’s secretary of Education, her name was received with both praise as well as controversy from different education quarters. Betsy DeVos is a common name in the area of education with her school choice movement and championing for reforms in the sector. In addition, Betsy has shown a lot of interest in education not only in her political involvement but also through her philanthropy work. Mrs. DeVos has made huge donations to education and promoted various educational organizations operating in the grassroots. Betsy DeVos has been involved with educational matters from her days of working with the Michigan Republican party and through her family foundation, Betsy and Dick DeVos Family Foundation, which she initiated together with her husband.


Work Experience


Betsy DeVos was the chairperson of the Philanthropy Roundtable. The organization seeks to enlighten legislators on the importance of philanthropy and the need to promote it as well by working with various donors to ensure that philanthropic needs are fulfilled. Mrs. DeVos used this platform to support giving to areas that were considered very needy like the K-12 education and in particular her area of school vouchers and choice programs. Betsy DeVos revealed in an interview conducted by the Philanthropy Roundtable that she was motivated to advocate for the school choice program nationally after seeing the struggles and sacrifices parents were making. She came face to face with these challenges when she was serving in two not-for-profit charities based in Michigan. Betsy DeVos noted that parents especially from low-income families were making huge sacrifices to ensure that their children went to good schools. She embarked on a campaign for the formation of a legislation providing for scholarships and vouchers for families with low incomes. After the campaign flopped, she embarked on working with a number of other educational nonprofits operating in a number of states in America. She also increased both her political and philanthropic activity to create awareness about her school choice advocacy.




Betsy DeVos’ philanthropy work involves monetary donations, partnerships with non-profit organizations and being a school mentor. She has partnered with a number of organizations like the Foundation for Excellence in Education and Kids Hope USA to achieve her philanthropic goals. Betsy DeVos has also worked as a mentor for public schools present in Grand Rapids area for a period of 15 years. Her philanthropy work and giving is a trait that she has inherited from her family, which was ranked in position 24 on Forbes’ list of Top Givers in 2015. Betsy DeVos and her husband, Dick DeVos, have contributed around $11.6 million to charity. The main benefactors of the couple’s giving are art and education organizations. Her contribution has helped needy children access education and her school choice advocacy has made more people appreciate the concept.


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Bob Reina: He’s Special

Bob Reina is the talk of the town and for good reason: he made a donation of over one million dollars to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. In addition to that, he is known in circles for overhearing people talk about how they are struggling to pay for the vet bills and he has stepped up to the plate and paid for many people’s vet bills. That is the kind of individual that Bob Reina is and the kind of heart he has as a person. It is really admirable because he does all of this in secret and he does not expect or even want a thank you. For him, just knowing that the animals are OK and they have a home is enough for him. That is what puts a smile on his face and really matters to him.


One must remember recall that Bob Reina is a former police officer. Because of this, he has a lot of interpersonal skills and he is filled with empathy for people. He loves people and he wants to do all that he can for them. He loves animals just as well and knows they are important. It is why his house is filled with so many animals. He wants to save people in their lives, and he wants to do all he can for them.


It is a big reason why he started Talk Fusion in the first place and why the company has achieved such success. There is a need out there for this type of service and this kind of help. Bob Reina’s company has filled that need and it has been filing it since 2007. It will keep on filling it as long as Bob Reina has something to say about it with their video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. These are what people need to get ahead in the business world and stay ahead in the business world. Learn more:


It creates something for them that is simply incredible: freedom. The days of having to wake up at 9am and leave at 5pm are gone for them.



Paul Mamphilly on factors that determine lucrative stock investments

When we talk of the technological advancements that are likely to happen in the future, very few people view them from probably the most important angle, which is, investment. As we are happy that the cellphone industry is making a major revolution in the world, there are people who are not only benefiting from the technology but also from the making money, they invested in the cell phone industry and it is now time to reap. The cellphone industry is one of the best performing industries currently in the world.

So how did the investors know the cell phone industry would grow? This is the most important question about stock investments. Stocks investment is all about spotting opportunities early as they happen and take advantages by investing your money into them. When the industry shoots, an investor will just be multiplying the initial capital. Investors who make the highest returns are the one who invests very early before the industry shoots. The reason being, by then the stock value is low and one can afford to buy stocks worth a lot of value at a low price.

Paul Mamphilly, stock investor and an advisor on stock markets investment will help us look at some of the opportunities available in the markets today. To understand which stock to buy or sell, one must first look at prevailing factors in the markets. Stocks are likely to be affected by various occurrences, such as natural disasters, war, and technology among other factors. When such factors are properly analyzed one is likely to end up with a stock that will have very good returns on investment, and what Paul Mamphilly knows.

Paul Mamphilly adds that the best investments are those that touch on the behaviors of the people and their spending behavior. Products that may be in demand in the future are likely to provide the best investment to investors. Cell phones industry has developed rapidly since they were accepted by the people as communication devices.

Even in the future, products that will be accepted by the people shall be the highest gainers in terms of returns to investors. If the electric cars are accepted by people as a replacement for gasoline cars, then the electric cars manufacturing industry will be rewarding very well to the people who will have invested.

Paul Mamphilly is a renowned American stock market investor. He has spent many years on the Wall Street as a trader and as a hedge fund manager for some of the biggest hedge funds in the world, and his Linkedin.

Avaaz and Its Role in Global Activism

Avaaz is an organization based in the United States that was established in 2007. Avaaz promotes worldwide activism on issues affecting people and the environment. The Guardian considers it as the world’s most powerful and largest online activist network. The name selected for the community is usually a transliteration of a Persian word Avaaz that means “song” or “voice” which was selected because similar words are there in many languages and less similar but related words are there in most other Indo-European languages.

Res Publica, which is a community of the public sector professionals committed to the promotion of good governance, deliberative democracy, and good governance, co-founded which is a non-profit American progressive public policy and advocacy group also co-founded was also supported by the Service Employees International Union which is a founding partner.

Individual Avaaz co-founders include Tom Pravda, Ricken Patel, the former congressman of Virginia Tom Perriello, the executive director of move on Eli Pariser, the progressive entrepreneur of Australia David Madden, Andrea Woodhouse, and Jeremy Heimans. The board comprises of the president Ricken Patel, the secretary Tom Pravda, board chairman Eli Pariser and Ben Brandzel who is the treasurer.

Avaaz community normally campaigns in 15 different languages, served by a strong core team of six continents and thousands of volunteers. Avaaz takes action in funding media campaigns, signing petitions & direct actions, lobbying and calling governments, emailing and organizing offline events and protests. This is to ensure that the values and views of the people in the world inform the decisions that usually affect us all. Avaaz’s model of internet organization empowers thousands of individuals regardless how small they are to be quickly combined into a great and powerful collective force.

Lessons Learnt from Adam Milstein on Entrepreneurship

Adam Milstein, who is the current president of the Milstein Family Foundation, is known to be a successful entrepreneur. He is also a philanthropist and real estate investor. With his vast knowledge, he can share his expenses as a motivation for the future and potential entrepreneurs. Currently, he deals with Real Estate. He explains that in three years, he was able to invest in real estate. However, entrepreneurial success one needs to do the following.



One feature any entrepreneur must adopt is patience. Adam Milstein discusses that entrepreneurs should be patient enough to wait for their implemented ideas to be a success. He cautions against the expectations by the new entrepreneurs for quick success, and



Adam Milstein encourages that entrepreneurs should follow up their ideas and initiatives as well as maintaining consistency on doing things. That helps the entrepreneurs in transforming their business to the trend of growth and success. He suggests that the entrepreneur should also keep a good relationship with the clients by ensuring he has there reach and is also available.


No Specific Goals

In every undertaking, goal setting is very essential. Most people do set certain goals to achieve in a particular period. But according to Milstein, setting specific goals has shortcomings, but it sets one’s limit and suggests that entrepreneurs should work to their full potential to achieve progress and growth, and learn more about Adam Milstein.


Technological Application

Adam Milstein uses technology advancement to manage his contacts. That is very important for entrepreneurs since technology eases the way of doing things in an improved and efficient manner.

Adam Milstein  was born in the city of Haifa in the state of Israel. During the Kippur war that took place in 1973, he joined the Israeli Defense Forces. He graduated with the degree in BSc in Business and Economics awarded by Israel Institute of Technology before proceeding to the University of Southern California where he was awarded an MBA. From there he picked his career years later as a real estate investor. He is also a co-founder and chairman of the Israeli-American commission.

Also, Adam Milstein is a board member of several companies which include Jewish Funders, Aish Los Angels. He is known for his great leadership that also included association advancement and counseling. Through Milstein Family Foundation, he has offered many charitable initiatives. As a philanthropist, he has offered services to many companies.