Achievements of Roberto Santiago-Owner of Manaira Shopping

According to research conducted by Brazilian Association of Shopping Centers (Abrasce), the shopping mall sector grew by a margin of 6.5% in 2015. This growth was experienced across Brazil despite the economic crisis that was experienced in that year. Manaira Shopping, which is owned by Roberto Santiago, a prominent businessman from Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, is a great example of how the segment was performing. The mall was launched almost 30 years ago (1989), and does not stop to redevelop, having undergone at least four major expansions in order to meet the demands of it many customers. During that survey, it was revealed that Brazil had 538 shopping centers and 30 additional facilities were in their last stages of construction, which shows the potential of the sector.


Development of the Northeast Region


The Northeast ranks second for selling through malls, Southeast being on the lead. The Manaira Shopping mall is located in this region, and is one of the largest across the state. It is recognized as a tour, leisure and sales center for its large number of visitors. It is a multi-purpose facility with concert hall, a college, food court, shopping stores, gymnasium, gaming area and financial institutions, thanks to entrepreneurial vision and hard work of Roberto Santiago. According to one of the managers of Manaira Shopping, they registered a movement of close to 2 million people in 2015, a true reflection of the stability of the sector.


Entertainment Facilities at Manaira Shopping


The mall has an amazing amusement park with over 200 gaming machines, serving the needs of all, young and old. The Domus Hall is one of the largest concert halls in the city. It is located on the mall’s roof, and was launched in 2009 redevelopment of the mall. It can accommodate four thousands individual seated and an additional ten thousands standing. It has two floors; mezzanine floor for private evens and the ground floor for public events. The ground is can be hired for events like presentations, exhibitions, fairs, graduations, weddings, private events, mega shows and others. Besides entertainment and shopping, Manaira also offers diverse cultural experience. Various exhibitions hosted at the mall foster knowledge and diverse culture of the local community. Children from different parts of Paraiba visit the mall to learn various cultural exhibitions displayed at the mall.


About Roberto Santiago


Roberto Santiago is recognized for his entrepreneurial ability and skills. He is described by his peers for being attentive to opportunities that would go unnoticed for many other entrepreneurs. His professional career started at Café Santa Rosa, and today, he is one of most successful entrepreneurs in Northeastern region and around Brazil. Roberto Santiago is a holder of Business Administration degree from a Joao Pessoa-based university.