Good Advice and Jeremy Goldstein

The goal of doing business is simple, in that it all comes down to providing a service or product to the general public or private investors, in exchange for lucrative returns. However, the methods employed to reach these ends can range from cutting edge to traditional. In the end, innovation and faith usually provide the answers needed to get the job done. And sometimes, the solutions available to businesses not only prove to be profitable but also beneficial to the people who dedicate their lives to employer and careers, throughout the years.


One of these solutions is the concept of Earnings Per Share (EPS), as a method of compensation on top of wages and employee benefits. The major factor and reason for executing these types of rewards to employees is that they function based on a company’s performance in the market. Moreover, EPS is a good way for executive leaders, investors and employees to meet in the middle and have a platform where all parties involved have a say and vested interested in keeping a business alive. It is all about sustainability, as well as seeing steady growth and community within the workforce.


There is nothing wrong with offering pay that works from a performance point of view. Even though there are pros and cons to most anything that happens in the business world, offering EPS in the work place generally works well and kills two birds with one stone. They have a good influence on the price of a company’s stock, which usually gives investors a reason to put their money into a business. And, it provides employers an objective reason for offering better pay to employees.


This, in turn, gives them a reason to work harder for a company to make sure that an establishment becomes something of an institution to the general public. When used correctly by workers with a sense cohesion, EPS can prevent unfair leveraging by competitive trades and practices in the stock market. On a positive note, there is research that supports the theory that this kind of compensation actually helps a business do well, if not better, over its lifespan.


For all these reasons, Jeremy Goldstein recommends EPS as a vehicle for driving success and independence while a company cuts out a market for itself. His experience includes providing service for organizations like Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and Verizon. All of these businesses are big names and have worldwide influence.


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Adam Milstein’s Life as an Activist and a Philanthropist

Standing out as one of the co-founders of the Israeli-American Council (IAC), Adam Milstein also acts as the chairman of the same organization. Besides, he is an outstanding leader in several other Jewish organizations. When it comes to wealth amassment, Adam Milstein acts as a real estate investor, a trait he took after his dad, Hillel Milstein who was a real estate developer. To date, Hager Pacific, a real estate investment firm that he runs as a managing partner directly owns over 100 properties in the United States. The entire portfolio has an overall value of about $1 billion.

The main motive for creating the Israeli-American Council by Adam Milstein was to come up with a well built and vibrant Israeli-American community so as to foster unity. Furthermore, it ensures that the next and future generations are much into their culture and can easily identify themselves. Today, there is a population of over one million Israeli-Americans living in the U.S, and Adam Milstein’s organization play a significant role in ensuring that they take part in innovation, social activism, culture, and academia. Accordingly, the presence of Israeli-Americans is felt across every part of the country, and Adam’s lacrosse camp.

Other than IAC, Adam Milstein is also a co-founder of The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation that targets to help the youths. Particularly, it majors with education matters of young professionals and student leaders who are situated in U.S. campuses. Also, it highlights the main challenges that are presently facing the Western World, Jewish people, and Israel as a nation, and

Since good needs never hardly stay in the dark for long, Adam Milstein is also well recognized for his philanthropic deeds. In 2017, he was picked as one of the top 200 Most Influential Do-Gooders all over the world. He is also a part of the leading social entrepreneurs on the widely used social media. To be precise, he was number 187 on the list which includes other philanthropists such as Warren Buffett, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama. He attributes his philanthropy to his generous qualities that gratify his life, and his love for oneness in the society, and

Adam Milstein Finds Satisfaction In Helping Other People

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American entrepreneur, real estate investor, and philanthropist who cares deeply about his heritage as a Jew. Not only is the National Chairman for the Israeli-American Council, but Adam Milstein also helped to co-found the organization. He also serves on numerous other Boards for different organizations, such as, the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel, the Israel on Campus Coalition, Jewish Funders Network, the AIPAC National Council, Hasbara Fellowships, and more. His wife, Gila, and himself also co-founded SifriyatPijamaB’America, which is a group that offers monthly books in Hebrew that are free. These books teach the values of the Jewish people to thousands of Israeli-American people who live in the U.S.A.

When asked how he has overcome adversity and failure in the past, Adam Milstein admitted that he used to have the desire to find success in a very short amount of time. This has led him to frustration at many times of his life, but he remembers one of these times more than the rest. This was when he was going to school in Israel and attempted to sell art to the temples there. When he did well, in the beginning, he decided to purchase more inventory, because he figured he would sell it all. By going all-in on his venture and hoping it would be an overnight success, he found that he, suddenly, could not sell as much of the art as he had hoped. This has taught Adam Milstein to play the long-game when it comes to business.

Adam Milstein has admitted that his life wouldn’t feel as fulfilling if he wasn’t involved in philanthropy. Without helping other people, he just doesn’t feel as satisfied. He also believes that his knack for making his ideas a reality comes from the fact that he does a lot for himself. In conjunction with this, he always follows up on connections or leads, because he has learned not to let anything get away from him. When he is facing challenges and it looks as if an idea of his is not going to fly, he works very hard to ensure its success instead of simply giving up.

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David McDonald: A Business Leader of Distinction

David McDonald is the COO and president of OSI Group, LLC. Based in Aurora, Illinois, OSI Group is a worldwide leader in the food supplying industry. They provide value-added meat and other food products, including beef patties, sausage links, pizza, sandwiches, and more. They do this to retail brands and food service outlets globally. Also, they operate in 17 (and counting) countries with over 50 facilities.

McDonald is also the chairman of the North American Meat Institute. He is an OSI Group board of directors member, and he is the director of the OSI International Foods Pty Limited in Australia. He earned a degree from Iowa State University in animal science.

His Past Positions

At OSI Industries, McDonald had a previous position as a project manager. And from December 2008 after the acquisition of the OSI Group operations in Brazil and Europe by Marfrig Frigoríficos e Comércio de Alimentos until June 2017, he was the independent director.

Article with

A few years ago, McDonald did an article with In mentioning key factors that make an organization successful, he said the following: His company is very well positioned because they have a global network consisting of plants and organizations worldwide. Also, China has been a real focus for various reasons. For one, it continually is the biggest growing consumer market globally. Secondly, this market is growing more affluently.Another key factor for his company’s continual growth is the announcement of their new plant in Geneva, Illinois the previous year. This new plant produces private and brand labeled frozen entrees. They also recently added a large cold storage area and a high capacity production line to their OSI Food Solutions Hungary division in Bábolna. As a result, the production capacity has more than tripled in processing quality chicken products. OSI Group also routinely engages food quality and safety processes with equipment manufacturers, such as x-ray equipment built into machines to detect foreign particles. Additionally, they participate more actively with their agriculture suppliers to monitor the status of the growth of their products.In addition to product development, McDonald stated that providing more to their customers is vital. So, they partner with clients and suppliers to determine what products need to grow their business. And with the changing trends of customers becoming more sophisticated and demanding with food choices, including organic and natural, healthy yet tasty, and affordable versus premium, the partnering process is even more necessary to deliver what consumers want.

Fabletics: The Trendiness of Fast Fashion Mixed With the Durability of Department Stores

Fast fashion has long been the most successful part of the fashion industry. However, it is starting to slow down because there is another change in outlook coming in the market. This is a time when one of two things can happen. A brand can figure out the next trend in business and fashion and try to catch it as it is starting, or the company can actually influence the trends and bring something new to the customers. Fabletics is doing a combination of both. Kate Hudson, Don Ressler and the other members of the Fabletics team are looking carefully at where business and fashion is going.


One thing that people will notice about Fabletics is that it is trendy, especially given that the products being sold are active wear. People are finding plenty of products from Fabletics that they are not finding from other stores. Given that Fabletics is one of the only stores that are offering such trendy active wear for low prices, it is only natural that people are going to do everything they can to take advantage of this promotion. Among the things women will notice about the clothing offered to them is that they are designed to look good on different body types.


Another thing they will notice is that the clothes are more durable from Fabletics than any fast fashion retailer. One thing that is so frustrating about fast fashion is that the clothes are pretty much built to last one season. Given that some fast fashion stores like H&M have more than the usual amount of seasons, this would mean the clothes bought are not going to last at all unless they are hand washed. Fabletics clothing has the durability of clothes that are sold at high end department stores.


Fabletics is a dream come true for many people who are truly interested in updating their wardrobe with really interesting items. Fabletics is available for people to order from online. It is also expanding to different physical markets so that people will be able to access it like a traditional clothing retailer if they want.

Betsy DeVos

Though perhaps many missed it at the time amidst the avalanche of dramatic and negative news pertaining to the still young Trump administration, one of the president’s first actions as chief-executive was to effectively turn back the clock on minority rights by rescinding an Obama-era rule that enshrined liberal restroom access guidelines for people who identify as transgender.

Before the White House announced this decision back in February, Betsy DeVos -– the embattled education secretary who was then not far removed from a bruising and embarrassing confirmation hearing and was still trying to gain a foothold in the hot-house environment of Washington -– took it upon herself to be physically present inside a room in the Education Department while her aide explained to a transgender rights employee what the whole world would learn about a few hours later.

In public, Betsy DeVos did not hint at any internal rifts regarding this decision, but as reports had speculated at the time, it turned out there indeed had been a small battle of wills inside the administration, primarily between attorney general Jeff Sessions –- a Washington insider’s insider with decades of experience and an influential voice in Trump’s ear for some time -– and Ms. DeVos. Though she spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference the next day and seemed to support her boss’ directive affecting federally funded schools, the fact is that Ms. DeVos went to bat for not only her own transgender employees at her department, but for transgender people and minorities all across the nation.

Though in this case she failed and suffered an early setback, critics and allies alike share the same view that Ms. DeVos is a political fighter, should not ever be counted out, has firm and deeply held convictions and has the ability to forge positive alliances to further her goals born of these convictions.

Trump’s February decision — which inserted yet another matter of national contention into the already heated debate regarding federal school policy -– although proving a hefty and multifaceted setback, if anything caused Ms. DeVos to renew her resolve and redouble her efforts.

A lifelong passion and priority of Ms. DeVos’ has been the issue, as she and other reform advocates call it, of school choice. In her capitalistic viewpoint, the nation’s public school systems represent a monopoly and these situations aren’t given to reform or innovation if things aren’t working optimally. Monopolies are biased towards the status quo, and this concerns Ms. DeVos because, objectively, the nation’s public schools –- even the better-performing ones –- simply aren’t performing as well as they should.

In Ms. DeVos’ dream scenario -– which goes further than even some leading advocates for school choice and which downright scares some liberals considering she’s currently the leader of the Department of Education — funding for charter schools and school vouchers would be about on a par with funding for public schools. She has also in the past resisted calls for more oversight and regulation of charter schools and most controversially seems to have no qualms with charter schools being run by for-profit organizations. Learn more:

Career and academic background of Sahm Adrangi

The Deutsche Bank is the place where Sahm Adrangi’s career life kicked off, and he served in the credit-performing as well as leveraged loan financing. Then he would join the Chanin Capital Partners as a committee credit advising officer and in charge of bankruptcy as well as restructuring circumstances. Similarly, he had spent many decades at the Longacre Management hedge fund before he began making investments in the banking sector.

Adrangi would obtain a degree in arts, Economic option from the Yale University. While at the University he gained the necessary knowledge and skills that granted him the chance to dive deep into the banking experience. The most significant breakthrough in the industry was the Kerrisdale Capital Management which he founded.

Sahm has been making immense and appalling to the contributions to Kerrisdale Capital Management. More to the point, he led financial donations of about $100 million to the firm. Such amount was higher than any single stock from several of the corporation’s shareholders as discovered by Reuters through someone who understood the state of affairs.

At the moment, It was not a secret that the new Kerrisdale “co-investment” fund was one of the leading in the country. Some managers serving in the Hedge fund at times donated money that would be used on a specific investment idea that comprised of the recovery of the ill-fated energy companies as well as in the residential mortgage securities. Additionally, the New York firm was planning to invest some amount of cash in the development of an unnamed business, and his Linkedin.

Shane Wilson is an analyst at the Kerrisdale Capital Management who worked closely with Sahm, and the duo had struck a chord within the alternative community. Recorded in an email written by Sahm, the company had raised a significant amount of funds within a short span of time. They were focusing on the forthcoming campaign to make famous their thesis. More so, they had started with assembling and preparing the essential materials such as a website as well as video clips to convey the information to the people in the simplest way possible. It was a significant event for them, and

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Is Fit To Handle Bradesco During Brandao’s Exit

Organizational leadership is the core of a company’s success. In fact, it is through the leadership that an organization gets the chance to succeed eventually.

Just like any other firm, struggling to make it in the tough, competitive, industry, Bradesco Bank, a leading banking institution in Brazil, has been thriving on the efforts of its leaders. Currently, the news gracing the headlines is that the oldest-serving chief executive officer of the bank is retiring. Well, to some, it may seem like a blow to the organization. However, the 90-year-old man is said to have led the organization to successful paths that cannot be matched. It is no wonder, he is glad to allow a younger individual to grace the leadership role.

A look at Brandao’s Input

According to Brandao is soon leaving Bradesco with the aim of taking a break in addition to allowing a younger, talented individual to lead. Having been part of the bank for decades, it is projected that his skills and strategies have been the foundation of the bank’s operations. For Brandao to have been trusted with this leadership position, he was experienced and dedicated to the cause of service. As the longest- serving executive leader, he has exuded confidence and charisma in what many may term as a challenging role.

Brandao’s Experiences

Brandao has been in the banking industry for more than 25 years. Perhaps that is the root of his exemplary services at Bank Bradesco. His quest to step down has triggered a race for succession with the bank wondering who can fit into this master’s shoes. Being the country’s second serving bank, Bradesco must be manned by an experienced individual who better understands the value of proper leadership and strategy implementation.

Read more: Trabuco will assume the presidency of Bradesco’s board; bank to appoint new chief executive in March

Replacing Brandao

In matters of replacement, there is a question of who shall replace Brandao. Like a normal institution that goes through necessary organizational transformation, Bradesco needs a better choice. As a management, there is an agreement to allow Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi to temporarily hold the position until March, when there shall be recruitment. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is believed to possess the necessary skills and experiences that the bank needs to flourish. With his appointment comes a condition; Luiz must withhold the value of internal recruitment. Like Brandao would put it, it is vital to elevate the already-employed workers.

Why is Carlos a good fit ?

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi of Bradesco has vast experience in banking and leadership. His skills cannot match any others as he has been part of Bradesco for more than five years. When he joined the bank, there was a plague of economic recession in Brazil. He, however, managed to elevate the bank’s market share. Well, this explains his talent and ability to man the bank. Even if is it only for a few months, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will move the institution to greater levels of achievement.

Brando’s Journey

Brando’s journey to greatness began in 1943. He worked as a clerk. Soon after, he was poached as chairman at Bradesco. It is evident that he understands the entire operations of the firm as he ranks among the leading chief executive officers in the bank.

The Conclusion on Bradesco’s Future

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi understands what leadership entails. He is a good fit for the leadership position because he has been part of Bradesco for a significant amount of years as well. Being a leader who understands his roles when it comes to people handling, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is set to guide Bradesco’s management through his skills. Presently, he is a master in insurance markets and finance. His input in Bradesco cannot be matched.

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Spotlight On Betsy DeVos’ Personal Background and Philanthropy Work

When President Trump appointed Betsy DeVos as her government’s secretary of Education, her name was received with both praise as well as controversy from different education quarters. Betsy DeVos is a common name in the area of education with her school choice movement and championing for reforms in the sector. In addition, Betsy has shown a lot of interest in education not only in her political involvement but also through her philanthropy work. Mrs. DeVos has made huge donations to education and promoted various educational organizations operating in the grassroots. Betsy DeVos has been involved with educational matters from her days of working with the Michigan Republican party and through her family foundation, Betsy and Dick DeVos Family Foundation, which she initiated together with her husband.


Work Experience


Betsy DeVos was the chairperson of the Philanthropy Roundtable. The organization seeks to enlighten legislators on the importance of philanthropy and the need to promote it as well by working with various donors to ensure that philanthropic needs are fulfilled. Mrs. DeVos used this platform to support giving to areas that were considered very needy like the K-12 education and in particular her area of school vouchers and choice programs. Betsy DeVos revealed in an interview conducted by the Philanthropy Roundtable that she was motivated to advocate for the school choice program nationally after seeing the struggles and sacrifices parents were making. She came face to face with these challenges when she was serving in two not-for-profit charities based in Michigan. Betsy DeVos noted that parents especially from low-income families were making huge sacrifices to ensure that their children went to good schools. She embarked on a campaign for the formation of a legislation providing for scholarships and vouchers for families with low incomes. After the campaign flopped, she embarked on working with a number of other educational nonprofits operating in a number of states in America. She also increased both her political and philanthropic activity to create awareness about her school choice advocacy.




Betsy DeVos’ philanthropy work involves monetary donations, partnerships with non-profit organizations and being a school mentor. She has partnered with a number of organizations like the Foundation for Excellence in Education and Kids Hope USA to achieve her philanthropic goals. Betsy DeVos has also worked as a mentor for public schools present in Grand Rapids area for a period of 15 years. Her philanthropy work and giving is a trait that she has inherited from her family, which was ranked in position 24 on Forbes’ list of Top Givers in 2015. Betsy DeVos and her husband, Dick DeVos, have contributed around $11.6 million to charity. The main benefactors of the couple’s giving are art and education organizations. Her contribution has helped needy children access education and her school choice advocacy has made more people appreciate the concept.


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Bob Reina: He’s Special

Bob Reina is the talk of the town and for good reason: he made a donation of over one million dollars to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. In addition to that, he is known in circles for overhearing people talk about how they are struggling to pay for the vet bills and he has stepped up to the plate and paid for many people’s vet bills. That is the kind of individual that Bob Reina is and the kind of heart he has as a person. It is really admirable because he does all of this in secret and he does not expect or even want a thank you. For him, just knowing that the animals are OK and they have a home is enough for him. That is what puts a smile on his face and really matters to him.


One must remember recall that Bob Reina is a former police officer. Because of this, he has a lot of interpersonal skills and he is filled with empathy for people. He loves people and he wants to do all that he can for them. He loves animals just as well and knows they are important. It is why his house is filled with so many animals. He wants to save people in their lives, and he wants to do all he can for them.


It is a big reason why he started Talk Fusion in the first place and why the company has achieved such success. There is a need out there for this type of service and this kind of help. Bob Reina’s company has filled that need and it has been filing it since 2007. It will keep on filling it as long as Bob Reina has something to say about it with their video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. These are what people need to get ahead in the business world and stay ahead in the business world. Learn more:


It creates something for them that is simply incredible: freedom. The days of having to wake up at 9am and leave at 5pm are gone for them.